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Sustainable Living Academy - Reality TV Show - Home Entertainment

Sustainable Reality TV Program

Our Sustainable Reality TV Program provides access to sustainable challenges, solutions and applications using entertainment as a vehicle to gain greater exposure to the mass media and general public. The intent of this program is to help people access sustainable information in the privacy of their homes through public media broadcasting.

This program is designed to elevate the interest and support for sustainable living by delivering real-life sustainable challenges and solutions into the homes and hearts of the largest audience possible. Initial shows may be aired through this website, YouTube and other video portals until the production network syndication options become available.

The following Reality TV Program Description provides highlights to the overall opportunity and appeal for this sustainable reality show, however, the show title, plot and format have been withheld in confidence until funding and production collaborations have been established. Click here to Get Involved in this Program.


Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Charity - Non-Profit
Boot Camp

Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Reality TV Program - Charity - Non-Profit
Reality TV

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Reality TV Program Requirements

The only requirement for participation in this program is a willingness to help with the show funding, production, promotion, syndication or viewing of this sustainable reality TV show.

Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create innovative mass media entertainment through real-life drama and challenges on the ever increasing social, cultural and global topic of sustainability. To present sustainability through mass media formats while providing viewers with family entertainment and practical sustainable solutions they can apply in their every day lives.

VISION: To create a multimedia production that utilizes, television, video, web content and social networking to raise awareness into personal and global sustainability. To present viewers with real-life sustainable considerations, decisions and practical solutions that can be used to bring families, groups and communities into greater alignment with nature.

Reality TV Program Description

Sustainable Living Academy - Reality TV Show - Real Life Entertainment


A Reality TV show must be entertaining to be successful. In reality TV, this is accomplished through a combination of personalities, realism and plot. The plot for this show is unique to any other sustainable reality show, will captivate audiences and appeal to viewers of all ages. This show exposes the risk and challenges to sustainability from a real-life perspective that everyone can relate to. Those who have read the show plot have expressed overwhelming enthusiasm and their interest to watch every episode. Are you interested in Producing, Directing, Filming or being a Participant on This Reality TV Show? Get Involved

Sustainable Living Academy - Reality TV Show - Real Life Drama

Real Drama

Important in any reality TV show is to create realism and drama. These are what audiences want and expect to see in a show and without them; a reality show has little chance of success, however, that doesn’t mean the drama must be authentic. Luckily, when dealing with sustainability and sustaining life, there is little need to fake the realism or drama. The true test of sustainability is to succeed because the alternative of failure can result in imminent death. The show plot along with a life or death risk potential provides a show with natural real-life drama and appeal. Are you interested in Producing, Directing, Filming or being a Participant on This Reality TV Show? Get Involved

Sustainable Living Academy - Reality TV Show - Real Global Appeal

Global Appeal

For a reality TV show to achieve and maintain success, the theme must appeal to a mass audience. With many reality shows, this means a theme on a current event topic, trend or interest. A theme can be designed for regional appeal, however, the theme of sustainability is both cross cultural and global. The topics of eco-friendly, green-building and sustainability are rapidly becoming of major interest in global lifestyles. This show builds on these growing interests and provides an opportunity to elevate the importance of sustainability to an even greater global awareness. Are you interested in Producing, Directing, Filming or being a Participant on This Reality TV Show? Get Involved

Sustainable Living Academy - Reality TV Show - Real Life Education


It may not always be obvious, but every broadcast, movie and reality TV show provides some educational value. Whether it's where to shop, how to cook, what to wear, how to act or what not to say or do, there is always an underlying curiosity in entertainment to learn something new and useful. Given the overwhelming curiosity about sustainability along with a general lack of experience with it, the potential educational interest and value for this show is outstanding. This show provides useful information and practical solutions that viewers can apply towards their own sustainable interests. Are you interested in Producing, Directing, Filming or being a Participant on This Reality TV Show? Get Involved


Sustainable Living Academy - Sustainable Training Center Program - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Training Center

Our Sustainable Training Center provides free public access to classes, presentations, literature and hands-on activities to all those who wish to learn more about sustainable living. These events are currently conducted at our facility located in Heber City, Utah, as well as through other public speaking venues. Attendance is free and available to children, adults, entire families and community groups.

Through this program, Sustainable Living Academy, Inc. offers a full range of online and locally organized speaking engagements to help individuals and groups acquire the knowledge and support to implement sustainable practices for their home, family, business or community. The training center provides access to: books, videos and classes for introduction, demonstration, and hands-on instruction on a variety of sustainable topics including:

  • Food (garden, greenhouse, organic, permaculture, vertical, hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.)
  • Housing (stone, mud bricks, hay bale, wood and thatch, earthbag, recycled garbage, etc.)
  • Energy (solar, wind, thermal, water, biogas, mechanical versus electrical, etc.)
  • Waste Management (composting, recycling, mindful consumerism, etc.)
  • Self-Sustainability (fabrication, resource management, power generation, etc.)
  • Community (purpose, governance, funding, membership, location selection, etc.)

Training Center Description

Our Sustainable Training Center services are currently provided through our nonprofit headquarters located in Heber City, Utah during our normal business hours. We offer both regularly scheduled classes, presentations and lectures, as well as events that are hosted when we have a guest speaker. Some weekly and monthly events allow for walk-in or open attendance while others require online preregistration.

Most of our events are available for people of all ages from children to adults with some events offered specifically for younger attendees or those with special needs or physical requirements. Our Training Center events and services include:

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Youth - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Hands-On - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Classroom - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Lectures - Charity - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Education Program - Video Conferencing - Charity - Non-ProfitConferencing

Training Center Classes

Sustainable Living Academy - Food Production Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Food Production

There are hundreds of techniques and variations on the seemingly simple task of producing your own sustainable food. These techniques can include: greens, grains, trees, indoor, outdoor, livestock and with any number of variations including: greenhouse, raised bed, organic, permaculture, vertical, hydroponics, livestock, etc. with a focus to meeting adequate nutritional requirements.

Sustainable Living Academy - Home Construction Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Sustainable Housing

Sustainable housing can include everything from tee-pees and tents, stone and mud bricks, log, wood, thatch, earth bag, hay bale, cob, recycled garbage and other natural materials. Considerations are given to natural lighting, heating, cooling, water, space utilization, energy inefficiency, as well as geographic location and access to essential natural resources to ensure long-term sustainability.

Sustainable Living Academy - Alternative Renewable Energy Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Food Production

Many alternative fuels such as biogas, plant-based oils, coal, and natural gas, require considerable resources (physical and chemical processes) before they are converted into useful energy. Active renewables such as solar panels, hydro-electrical plants, and wind turbines often require advanced technology in contrast to passive renewables such as water mill, windmill and radiant heat.

Sustainable Living Academy - Essential Services Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Essential Service

Essential services are necessary for sustaining human life and might include: collection of food and water, disposal of waste and sewage, health and medical treatment, education and other emergency needs. This services may include equipment, products, technology and know-how to to complete a sustainable plan or to compensate for changes in demographics, climate or environment.

Sustainable Living Academy - Community Building Classes - Charity - Non-Profit

Community Building

The community structure and lifestyle plays a large role in the overall success of the community objective. Social harmony and stability can be influenced by factors that include: how close people live and work together, the agreed doctrine for behavior, the application of conflict resolution, support and team building skills, and the development and application of problem solving skills.

Training Center Attendance

Participation in the training center classes, lectures and activities is totally free. To attend an event, please check our schedule and complete a preregistration if required. If you decide to attend one of our walk-in or open attendance events, please arrive early to ensure you find an available seat.


Sustainable Living Academy - Volunteering - Charity - Non-Profit

Volunteering & Intern

Volunteers can make any initiative or charitable activity even more productive and effective. With access to more hands, more minds and more skills, we are able to help more people, create more sustainable solutions and expand the sustainable initiative to more people.

Due to the diversity of the SLA operations and activities, volunteers have the opportunity to participate at either the SLA headquarters, remotely from their home or on location during the implementation of our sustainable assistance programs. A volunteer experience with SLA can provide someone with skills and knowledge in, what is being called, the next emerging market.

SLA also offers an intern program for those seeking to learn more about sustainability, gain hands-on experience in a variety of sustainable activities and/or for those seeking possible future employment opportunities. Interns often have some form of sustainable education or previous experience that qualifies them to work directly with the SLA operations. These assignments provide both SLA and the intern an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if there is mutual interest in the intern becoming a permanent member of the SLA organization.

In the case of experienced professionals, SLA receives the benefit from years of knowledge and experience that can be directly transformed into our ability to help more people and communities achieve their sustainable objectives. These volunteers could be involved as a member of our advisory board, sustainable project review and feasibility, fundraising, project videography, event planning and on-site sustainable development activities.

Please feel free to Contact Us if you would like to volunteer or intern with SLA.

Here are some of the volunteer and intern opportunities available through SLA:

  • Advisory Board
  • Project Review
  • Research Assistant
  • Publishing
  • Video Production
  • Website Development
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • On-Site Support

The SLA policy is that volunteers must apply and be interviewed prior to participating in SLA activities. Upon completion of this process, an SLA representative will coordinate with the volunteer to determine the best fit between the needs of SLA and the skills and mobility of the volunteer.

There are many activities where a remote or operate-from-home volunteer can contribute, as well as for those who have more flexibility with location and mobility. If a volunteer would like to participate at a SLA facility or sustainable development site, the volunteer is required to organize their own transportation to and from the site. Once at that site, both food and shelter are provided by SLA at no expense to the volunteer.

Click Here to View or Download Our Case Statement PDF


Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp Program - Charity - Non-Profit

Our Sustainable Boot Camp program offers the opportunity to become fully immersed in a sustainable lifestyle for periods ranging from days, weeks or months at a time. With this program, participants can take time away from their normal or conventional lifestyle to experience living in a sustainable environment.

We offer 3 programs of sustainable living immersion to match the participant’s background and desired experience. Those interested in participating must complete an online application and interview with one of our boot camp staff members to help determine the best match between the participant’s skills and our program requirements.

It’s important to note that evaluation of a participant’s skills is not limited to book knowledge or practical experience with sustainable practices. Each program incorporates progressively more sustainable lifestyle challenges that may affect the participant’s ability to adjust. Some of these factors include: physical or manual labor, dietary adjustments, access to modern electronics and conveniences, group participation and cooperation, as well as emotional maturity and stability.

Our Sustainable Boot Camp immersion programs include:

Boot Camp Immersion Experiences

Our Sustainable Boot Camp Immersion Experiences requires on-site participation at our nonprofit headquarters located in Heber City, Utah. Participation in this program is FREE of charge and requires a personal commitment by the attendee for a predefined period of days or weeks to live and work at the Sustainable Living Academy premises.

While immersed in the Boot Camp, you will participate as an active member of a group that lives in and maintains the sustainable program environment. Each Boot Camp Program has different requirements for physical participation due to the specific accessibility and availability to technology, automation and electrical power. The more sustainable the program, the less automation and more physical activity is required to maintain it. As a result, participation requires completion of an application and consultation with a representative from Sustainable Living Academy. During the Boot Camp Immersion Experiences, you will participate in daily activities that may include:

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Resources - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Planning - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Gardening - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Housing - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Composting - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Livestock - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Building - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Power Generation - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Cooking - Non-Profit

  • Sustainable Living Academy - Boot Camp - Irrigation - Non-Profit

Boot Camp Attendance

To participate in this boot camp, you must complete the Boot Camp Application Form and agree to the Terms of Participation. Prior to attendance, your application will be reviewed and a personal interview conducted with one of our staff to determine which Boot Camp Immersion Program best matches your sustainable knowledge, experience and physical abilities.

Once the optimal Boot Camp Immersion Program has been defined, you will be scheduled for on-site participation in the program. Scheduling is based on availability of space in our boot camp program, as well as your ability to live, work and reside at our boot camp for the agreed and predefined period of days or weeks.

To read more detailed information on the specific sustainable living environments, conditions and requirements for participation, please read the detailed description for Program 1, Program 2 or Program 3.

Who We Are

Sustainable Living Academy (formerly named Foundation for Sustainable Living)

is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity founded on the realization that humanity is far from achieving long-term sustainability with nature and the natural resources of our planet.


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